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(Grad School) Laura is incredibly kind and thoughtful. She made sure I was provided with a holistic review of my statement of intent and asked questions to ensure my personality, background, relevant experiences were all incorporated. She fixed all the grammar and spelling errors and definitely put the cherry on top of my paper that made it above and beyond. She was also open to compromise all the way through, being incredibly understanding of my situation while giving me feedback that was nothing but reassuring, encouraging and yet constructive. You can't go wrong with hiring her to review your app, she definitely knows what she's doing.


(Digital Identity) Laura helped me up my social media game. She helped to curate my Digital Identity from an "okay" blog to a dynamic website. Throughout the process she really listened and focused on what I wanted my "brand" to convey. Laura did a wonderful job with communication and setting up a plan that was the best use of our time together. From sharing to do lists to "how to" videos for interfacing with various social media platforms. Her energy and desire to help me evolve was contagious. Laura is easy to work with and can help you with any transition to make sure you are showing your best and having your authentic voice be heard.


(Transition Support) Job searching can be overwhelming. Laura has - twice - made the process less intimidating and even enjoyable for me! She seamlessly ramped up my confidence to help me nail my interview and coached me through contract negotiation. With her guidance, I’ll soon start with a new organization at a much higher salary than I would have asked for without her insight.     


(Transition Support) Laura helped me to approach the application and interview process thoughtfully. She encouraged me to consider my motivations as an applicant. When opportunity presented itself I felt like I knew who I was as an applicant and was ready to meet the moment.


(Grad School) I want to thank Laura for the extraordinary amount of time that she put into supporting my transition for graduate school. With English as my second language, I needed a lot of help. She read my essays very closely and her edits helped me to better communicate my ideas. I appreciate Laura's words of encouragement when I almost did not want to move forward with the process. Laura said to "focus on what you have control over". It stuck with me and gave me confidence to move forward by doing my best. Laura's positivity and concern for my success makes her an awesome person to work with.

     - Josine

(Transition Support) I learnt so much from you in terms of networking and setting up myself for different career phases in life and for that I am grateful. You are amazing at what you do and your willingness to help and support is out of this world. Keep being you. 

     - Claire

(Transition Support) Thank you for the support you provided in my career development. You made it easier & clearer than I expected it to be!

     - Lucas

(Grad School) I would like to thank you for your help and guidance throughout the graduate school application process, you are really empowering both by your words of encouragement and your unconditional support. I hope you always remember how instrumental you have been in my life and many others.

      - Don

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